Pan-democratic legislators said on Tuesday that government should accept the demands of the protesters instead of relying on “live bullets and guns” to solve the political impasse and warned that it is the last chance for Chief Executive Carrie Lam to save the city.

The opposition lawmakers slammed the shooting of a secondary school student on Tuesday, and warned that it is only a matter of time before someone dies if the current impasse continues.

They said the CE must come out to solve the problem and not rely on “live bullets and guns” to solve the political stalemate.

Civic Party’s lawmaker Tanya Chan warned that the city is at the edge of “no return” and Lam must do something to solve that.

“Only Carrie Lam who at least can manage the situation and give Hong Kong hope that things will return to a better position. We are so close to a point of no return,” she said.

“She has missed so many golden opportunities. I think this is her last chance,” Chan said.

Claudia Mo accused the police of getting more brutal and arbitrary, noting that even the media covering the events are facing a matter of life and death.

Mo, who was a journalist, said it was unprecedented that several media had pulled out their frontline reporters from the scene on Tuesday.

Democratic Party’s lawmaker Ted Hui meanwhile said he will launch a private prosecution against the officer who shot a secondary school student.

The lawmaker said he thinks the police had planned to “intentionally murder” the protester and not an act of self defence.

Hui said he is asking the police for the identity of that particular officer so as to start the legal procedure as soon as possible.