The group of students who are planning a rally to seek support of foreign countries, say they think inconvenience caused to foreign travellers and attack on two men by protesters will not affect their campaign, but admitted there is room for improvement in the way they demonstrate.

The Hong Kong Higher Institutions International Affairs Delegation – which represents members from 12 higher institutions, including the eight UGC-funded universities – are rallying at Chater Garden on Friday to call global support for the ongoing protests.

“We have to admit that there is some room for improvement about the protest that happened at the airport,” said Joey Siu from the City University. “But we have to stress that we are not splitting with any of the protesters.”

“We believe the countries of the free world will understand why are the Hong Kong protesters at the airport and why they are doing something that might not absolutely peaceful,” she said. “We believe that impact will be mostly in a good way.”

Spokesman Sunny Cheung said the group believes the rally will be peaceful.

The group also said its representatives will travel to UK and the US next month to press their demands. They group want London to declare that Beijing is in breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration and want Washington to sanction mainland and Hong Kong officials responsible for suppressing freedoms here.