The Airport Authority on Sunday began a series of special transport measures that, it says, will ensure the smooth operation of the airport.

The authority said it made the move because there had been online calls to disrupt traffic to the airport, the scene of past anti-extradition protests which have sometimes targeted public transport.

The authority said “E” route buses heading to the airport or AsiaWorld-Expo, will terminate at Tung Chung. City-bound “E” buses, starting from the airport or AsiaWorld-Expo, will continue on their normal routes.

It said passengers travelling to the airport by bus are advised to take the “A” routes and stay tuned to traffic information.

Airport-bound Airport Express trains are only taking passengers from Hong Kong Station and will not stop at Kowloon, Tsing Yi and AsiaWorld-Expo until the close of service. The city-bound Airport Express will only stop at Hong Kong Station.

The in-town check-in at Kowloon Station has been suspended for the whole day.

The authority also said Car Park 1 at the airport had been closed.

Meanwhile, police have set up cordon at a toll plaza leading to Tung Chung and they are checking bus passengers.

There are additional police at the airport and there is a heavy police presence at various MTR stations.

At the Airport Express station in Central, riot police are patrolling both inside and outside the station. Riot police are also on guard at some stations on the Tung Chung line.

Last updated: 2019-09-22 HKT 11:58