The largest pro-Beijing party on Friday called for the introduction of anti-mask rule by invoking emergency laws, but the idea received a lukewarm response from some of their allies.

At a meeting of pro-government lawmakers and Chief Executive Carrie Lam on Friday morning, DAB’s Ann Chiang raised the idea. She said a ban on masks during unlawful assemblies and riots is needed to stop some people from committing crimes with impunity.

A sunset clause can be introduced for this, and after that period the law can be enacted through normal legislative proceedings, she said.

The Federation of Trade Unions supported the idea, but some others from the camp, including New People’s Party’s Eunice Yung, questioned if it is the right time for such a move.

She said the while the anti-mask law may be a good idea, more public consultation may be needed.

“I think Hong Kong people should have more knowledge of what anti-mask law is first before we go to enact it. Whether it is a good time now is one of the issues,” she said. “Whether it should be under the umbrella of emergency ordinance regulations is another issue.”

Speaking after the meeting with Lam, the camp’s convenor Martin Liao, said the government should take more concrete actions to stop the violence during protests.

He said the violence has been worsening and is becoming like a “chronic disease” here.

But he did not specify what action he expected, saying it’s up to the government to decide.

“I’ve never been a police officer, I have never been in charge of or participating in the dealing of riots.” the lawmaker and lawyer said.