Tensions flared between protesters and police in Prince Edward on Monday night after demonstrators started a fire near the police station there. However there was none of the physical clashes seen over the weekend.

Protesters threw cardboard, rubbish and whatever they could find to build the fire under the pillar of a flyover.

They started the fire after spending several hours hurling insults and pointing laser pens at officers inside the station. Police retaliated with dazzling strobe lights.

Dozens of officers armed with shields marched down Nathan Road, and the protesters dispersed as they saw the lines of riot police and vans turn up. Fire fighters also arrived and put out the blaze.

The crowd was relatively small when compared to similar protests in recent weeks, and by midnight most had left.

But people also continued turning up outside a now-closed MTR exit near the police station, laying white flowers and burning incense in memory of what happened inside on August the 31st.

On that night, riot police and the so-called raptors stormed the station and were seen beating people with batons and using pepper spray inside a train.