Democratic Party legislator Roy Kwong says it’s an ‘international scandal’ that he was attacked by a group of masked men just for ‘trying to help people’, and challenged the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, to give assurances that Hong Kong remains a safe city.

Kwong said he suffered injuries to his spine, arms and legs after he was repeatedly punched and kicked by three men in Tin Shui Wai on Tuesday morning.

Emerging to speak to reporters after receiving treatment at Tin Shui Wai hospital, Kwong described how he was trying to get into his car near the Wetland Park when he was dragged out of his vehicle and beaten.

He said three people punched and kicked him for around a minute or so while a fourth man stood by, apparently taking video of the entire incident. Kwong said he had been trying to focus on remembering any identifying characters of his attackers when he was kicked hard in the back of his neck.

The lawmaker said he will not be cowed by the attack, and he and other pro-democracy lawmakers will continue their efforts to protect students and other people who need help.

“As a lawmaker for Hong Kongers, protecting Hong Kongers is our rightful mission. If protecting Hong Kong people – students, citizens – means we come under attack, this is an international scandal”, Kwong said.

“My wounds hurt a bit, it hurts even to speak,” he added, “but this pain is nothing compared to the harm that has been inflicted on the people of Hong Kong.”

Kwong also said he wanted to send a clear message that the people of Hong Kong won’t be afraid, and challenged Carrie Lam to tell the public that the city remains a safe place.

“How much longer do you want to see this situation go on for?” he asked.

Police say they are investigating the attack, but have made no arrests so far.