The monthly ovitrap index for August dropped to 6.9% from 10.2% in July, the Food & Environmental Hygiene Department announced today.


None of the indices exceeded the 20% alert level in the 57 areas surveyed by the department.


For port areas, the monthly ovitrap index for August dropped to 1.2% from 2.2% in July.


Although there are outbreaks of Dengue fever cases in nearby areas, the department said there have been no confirmed local cases so far this year, indicating that the anti-mosquito efforts taken by the Government have achieved positive results.


The third phase of the city-wide Anti-mosquito Campaign was launched on August 19 for 12 weeks. The department’s district offices are targeting areas such as public markets, cooked food centres and hawker bazaars, and single-block buildings.


Pest control inspection teams have also stepped up inspections and enforcement actions against mosquito breeding at construction sites.