A number of business establishments with links to Beijing became a target of attacks on Saturday, adding another dimension to the ongoing anti-government protests.

The protesters had mostly targeted government facilities and MTR stations as the campaign entered its fourth month but private business properties were left largely unscathed.

But on Saturday as the anti-extradition bill campaigners took to the streets to mark what they dubbed a ‘day of mourning’ to coincide with national day celebrations, businesses with pro-Beijing owners and mainland banks like Bank of China became targets.

Shops run by Maxim’s Caterers were trashed as the business chain bore the brunt of the protesters’ wrath over comments made by the daughter of its founder.

The businesses group had become a target after Annie Wu, the daughter of Maxim’s founder, condemned the protesters and backed police enforcement actions at the UN’s human rights council in Geneva.

After that, anti-government protesters had called for the boycott of businesses run by Maxims, like the American coffee chain Starbucks, which it operates here.

Starbucks shops became targets of graffiti soon after this.

But on Tuesday, protesters smashed many of the shops that belonged to the group, including popular bakery chains and steak joints, in different places.

In Tsuen Wan, Best Mart 360 – whose owner is known for links to Beijing – also was trashed.