Occupy Central founder Benny Tai said on Thursday that he’s proud to be standing together with anti-extradition protesters who have “sacrificed themselves to defend Hong Kong’s core values”.

Speaking to reporters after being granted bail pending appeal for his conviction over leading the Occupy Movement five years ago, Tai said he’s sure that Hong Kong can get through this difficult time because there are so many Hong Kongers willing to do things for the SAR out of their love for the place.

“Even though the road ahead is very unclear, and would be very difficult, very tough, I still have confidence that the future of Hong Kong must be bright,” Tai said.

“The golden era is yet to come. And I believe that the time is not too far away,” he said.

The Occupy co-founder, who was greeted by many supporters and some opposition lawmakers on his release, said he won’t comment on the violence of the ongoing anti-government protesters now. Tai said he needs more information about what’s been going on before talking about it.

When asked whether or not he would join an anti-extradition march this Sunday organised by the Civil Human Rights Front, Tai said he wants to first spend more time with his family before deciding what to do next.

He also said the most touching image of the protests he saw was a moment on July 1 during the protesters’ siege of Legco.

“When some of the protesters tried to carry away that four protesters who refused to leave, and that was the most touching moment. I cried when I read the news about that,” Tai said.