Pro-establishment legislator Priscilla Leung on Monday urged Chief Executive Carrie Lam to reconsider whether it’s necessary to refuse outright to meet any more of the demands of anti-government protesters, saying it’s time to find a compromise.

“We need to find some middle way to some of the possible choices that may lead to a bigger mediation,” Leung told RTHK.

She said Lam should reconsider her stance that she must either give a firm “yes” or “no” to the four remaining demands of protesters; an independent inquiry into allegations of police brutality, amnesty for those arrested and charged, for the term “rioting” to be dropped to describe protest clashes, and universal suffrage.

Leung said the protesters too would have to meet the government half-way, if there is to be any chance of maintaining the city’s rule of law.

“We know that we would not have a settlement for everyone, which is impossible. But at least for those who are willing to get a certain kind of mediation, a certain kind of compromise, for those who are moderates…we might be able to explore some possible ways together if we can think out of the box.”

But the Business and Professionals Alliance legislator added that some demands simply could not be met, notably pardoning those charged over the protests. She said this would go against the spirit of the law.

At the beginning of this month, Lam announced that she would agree to the first of the five demands of protesters – for the extradition bill to be completely withdrawn – and she said this will be done once Legco reconvenes in October after the summer break.