Pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho said on Friday that a campaign he is planning for Saturday to clean up Lennon Walls across Hong Kong will go ahead as scheduled.

This came after police said the event’s organiser of “Clean Hong Kong” had withdrawn its application for a letter of no objection.

But in a video uploaded to his Facebook page on Thursday night, Ho said he had indeed withdrawn the application simply because he didn’t see a need to seek approval from police.

We don’t need such procedures to do things like cleaning up Hong Kong, the lawmaker said in the video.

He said the event will go ahead from 9am as scheduled.

In an earlier post, he had urged people “to tear the trash that affects the city, clean the walls and clean the people’s hearts”.

Ho also said that he hopes to recruit 30,000 volunteers to take part in the Saturday’s campaign.

This has sparked fears of another weekend of violence between government supporters and those who back the anti-government protests. People who support the agitation had erected the so-called Lennon Walls across the city, with messages and posters of support.

The outspoken legislator has been in the spotlight and target of anti-government protesters, after he was suspected of backing the actions of a gang who attacked passengers at Yuen Long MTR Station on July 21.

On Wednesday, the Jockey Club cancelled all races as a horse owned by Ho was scheduled to run, prompting fears protesters may target it.