Police today strongly condemned radical protesters for continuing violent acts with no regard to the law, adding that they will take resolute action to safeguard public safety.


A large number of protesters gathered in Causeway Bay, blocking Hennessy Road, East Point Road, Great George Street and Yee Wo Street from around 1pm yesterday, Police said, noting the gathering was illegal as the participants had not given prior notification.


From around 3pm, radical protesters blocked roads and committed destructive acts in Admiralty and Wan Chai, as well as charged police cordon lines.


Radical protesters vandalised facilities at various MTR stations and set fires at the entrances of Causeway Bay and Wan Chai Stations and nearby streets.


They also burnt banners and miscellaneous objects on Queensway, threw hard objects at police vehicles and government buildings, and hurled petrol bombs at officers.


Having given repeated warnings but in vain, Police conducted dispersal operations with appropriate force, including the use of tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bag rounds and 40mm react rounds. The specialised crowd management vehicle was also deployed.


At about 5.30pm, some police officers executing their duties near MTR Wan Chai Station were surrounded and attacked by a large group of violent protesters.


With their lives under serious threat, one of the officers fired a warning shot into the air to protect the officers’ safety.


In the evening, radical protesters continued to gather near Causeway Bay where disputes, assaults and fights took place, resulting in a number of people injured.


Many protesters also gathered outside Mong Kok Police Station and hurled petrol bombs at the building.


After giving warnings, Police used appropriate force to stop the acts. Radical protesters then set fires at nearby streets and officers responded by conducting a dispersal operation.


Noting that the past months have seen an escalation in violence, Police made it clear that no violent acts will be tolerated and pledged to bring all lawbreakers to justice.