A small number of protesters remained at the airport on Wednesday morning even though the authorities have obtained an injunction order against demonstration in main areas and disrupting the normal usage of the airport.

The authorities had pasted a copy of the injunction order at airport by Wednesday afternoon.

Li, a student in her twenties, said she isn’t worried the injunction order will affect her demonstration at the arrival hall, as they are just showing posters and videos to travellers peacefully.

She said she’s been at the airport for three days already and believes Tuesday’s troubles were started by undercover officers. She was also confident such clashes won’t happen again.

“We do think the people who initiated those clashes is from the police,” said Li. “After yesterday’s events, we have a way to recognise them and keep them away from us, the real protesters.”

Another sit-in protester who gave her name as Betty, has come to the airport with her 10-year-old son. She said the demonstration is very peaceful and she isn’t concerned about their personal safety.

Betty said she was at the airport to exercise her right to protest since the government isn’t listening to the people.

“It is very important people to come and support the protesters,” she said. “Nobody wants to waste their time to come out and do something crazy. There is a reason behind it.”

She said many people see only the tip of the iceberg but there are so many reasons underneath why the protesters are doing this at the airport. People need to understand that, she said.