The five disciplinary forces have pledged their full support to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and Police to stop violence and curb disorder.


The heads of Immigration, Customs & Excise, Fire Services, Correctional Services, and the Government Flying Service issued a joint statement today condemning the recent outbreak and escalation of violence in Hong Kong.


The law is trampled upon riotously and social order is disrupted wilfully, while public safety is under extreme risk and society faces challenges on an extraordinary scale, the statement said, adding that the law-breaking activities exceed tolerance of any kind.


Noting that Police have been facing unprecedented pressure and challenges in the past few months in the form of violent attacks and ill-willed rumours, the statement praised officers for doing their utmost to perform their duties in the highest form of professionalism.


The five disciplinary forces also stressed that any law-breaking behaviour must not be tolerated and reiterated their unwavering support to the Chief Executive and the HKSAR Government in administering Hong Kong in accordance with the law.


The forces will stay united, keep up morale and remain dedicated to do the utmost to stop violence and curb disorder, the statement concluded.