Executive Councillor Ip Kwok-him says it’s impractical to expect the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, to agree to all the protesters’ demands, saying that setting up an independent probe into allegations of police brutality would be a blow to the force.

Speaking on Saturday, he said people shouldn’t expect one or two conversations can end the current chaos, but that it’s better to have a dialogue between the government and the people than not.

Lam admitted on Thursday that her administration is largely to blame for the months of unrest that have embroiled the city, but gave no concrete concessions as she held the first of a series of public meetings aimed at “finding a way out” of the current impasse.

Speaking along with a handful of ministers to a group of 130 randomly-selected people at Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai, Lam admitted to her own personal failings as Chief Executive, saying she had failed to uphold her campaign slogan of ‘We Connect’, by not listening to peoples’ views.

But Democratic Party lawmaker James To questioned whether the dialogue was just a show. He said the authorities have banned a peaceful march planned for the October 1st National Day, showing their unwillingness to listen to non-violent protesters’ voices.

He also criticised the Chief Executive for failing to propose new measures to defuse tensions. He added that if an anti-mask law is implemented, there will be greater opposition because it won’t stop the violent protesters, while people’s right to expression will be undermined.