Pro-Beijing lawmaker Priscilla Leung says a “big mediation” involving people from all corners of society may be the only way now to find consensus on the way forward to stop the protests and violence in Hong Kong.

The Business and Professionals Alliance member said her group had been approaching professional mediators to see whether they can help, as she believes urgent action is needed to end the crisis.

Leung said she felt there was a need for a middle way, between the government’s refusal to compromise and the five demands of protesters, which include an inquiry and the implementation of a fully democratic system.

“Don’t wait for our government,” Leung said. “At many points, I am also p****d off with the kind of waiting attitude. Every one of us. I’m reaching out with different people, but I hope that the other party is also willing to reach out.

“If we can put out the fire, the anger a little, bit by bit, I think every one of us now has to bear responsibility; the more influence, the more responsibility.”

Protests have continued for more than ten weeks now since an initial march against the government’s proposed changes to the extradition law on June 9. The government said it had stopped working on extradition bill and suspended it after clashes between protesters and police on June 12.

However further protests, some of which have escalated into chaos, have failed to extract more concessions.