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Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the Government will expedite the setting up of district health centres in all districts.


Delivering her Policy Address today, Mrs Lam said following the opening of the first such centre in Kwai Tsing last month, she expects district health centres in six more districts and interim centres in 11 districts to be established within the term of the current Government.


Noting the city’s public healthcare system is under enormous pressure due to an ageing population and the increasing prevalence of chronic and complex diseases, she said such centres can help shift the emphasis of the present healthcare system and people’s mindset from treatment-oriented to prevention-focused.


To strengthen support for patients with uncommon disorders, the Government and the Hospital Authority plan to implement a series of targeted measures, she added.


The measures include examining the setting up of databases for individual uncommon disorders to facilitate clinical diagnosis and treatment, deploying resources to promote relevant scientific research, as well as development and boosting public awareness of uncommon disorders.


Mrs Lam also proposed to introduce a three-year pilot programme for construction workers, under which a case management approach will be adopted to provide private treatment and rehabilitation services for employees injured at work in a timely manner.


She proposed to commission the Occupational Safety & Health Council to administer the pilot programme through legislative amendments.