A group of tourism workers demonstrated outside the government headquarters, calling for imposition of emergency laws which they said will bring back order and attract tourists back to Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Tourism Industry Employees’ General Union said emergency regulation ordinance is needed to halt the chaos.

The chairwoman of the union, Sara Leung, said the tourism industry is experiencing a downturn due to the anti-extradition bill protests, which reduced the number of tours to Hong Kong and income of workers.

The group, Hong Kong Tourism Industry Employees’ General Union, handed a petition letter to demand the financial secretary Paul Chan, to provide them financial support.

The union said 80% of tour guides do not have job.

Leung said even for those who had jobs, their income has been reduced by 70 percent due to the slump.

She said the government should provide them help by providing subsidy for studies, transportation and emergency relief.

The union also handed over a letter containing their demands to the government.