The Vaccination Subsidy Scheme 2019-20 will start on October 9 to provide subsidised seasonal influenza vaccinations for eligible Hong Kong residents, the Centre for Health Protection announced today.


Eligible groups include people aged 50 or older, children 6 months to under 12 years, primary school students, people with intellectual disabilities, those receiving Disability Allowance, and pregnant women.


They can receive the vaccinations from enrolled private doctors in their clinics.


The subsidy for each jab will be $210 for eligible groups.


Click here for the list of enrolled doctors and their service fees.


Meanwhile, the 2019-20 Seasonal Influenza Vaccination School Outreach will also start in kindergartens and child care centres on October 9. The one for primary schools will start on October 23.


Government or public-private-partnership teams will reach out to participating schools to provide free flu jabs to students.


Parents of eligible children can also arrange a subsidised vaccination at clinics of private doctors enrolled in the scheme.


The centre urged eligible groups to get vaccinated early.


Furthermore, a subsidised pneumococcal vaccination will also be provided for eligible people under the scheme to prevent pneumococcal infections.


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