The use of force by Hong Kong Police is in line with international norms and standards, the Police said today.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung made the statement after the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed concerns over recent public order events in Hong Kong.


Mr Tse said the United Nations statement condemned all violent acts.


“I would like to point out that in that statement, basically the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights condemned basically any form of violence or destruction of property and it urged everyone participating in demonstrations to express their views in a peaceful way.


“And for such use of force by the Hong Kong Police Force, basically all the relevant guidelines are in line with all the international norms and standards.”


Regarding an officer who pulled out his pistol at the airport yesterday, Police said he was cornered and in great danger.


Assistant Commissioner of Police (Operations) Mak Chin-ho said: “Protesters cornered a police officer, snatched his baton and pepper spray and started beating him.


“When the officer’s life was in great danger, to protect himself and other people from death and serious bodily harm, he drew his revolver and held it up.”


Mr Mak added the officer showed great restraint.


“I would like here to emphasise that our officer exercised great restraint when he was holding up the revolver. And as the protesters retreated, he immediately put back the revolver.”