The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is providing assistance to Hong Kong residents quarantined for the novel coronavirus on a cruise in Japan.


The Immigration Department said today there are 260 Hong Kong residents on board the cruise. Among them, three are confirmed to have been infected with the novel coronavirus and are receiving medical treatment at a local hospital.


The remaining residents have been placed under quarantine for 14 days on board the ship since February 5.


The Immigration Department has received requests for assistance from the Hong Kong residents on board who have asked for an early return and medication.


The department has promptly reflected the situation and requests of the Hong Kong residents to the cruise company and duty doctor.


It has also requested the authorities concerned in Japan to provide medication and assistance.


The department has also liaised with the Hospital Authority and the Department of Health in Hong Kong to understand the latest situation.


Some affected Hong Kong residents have been issued with the required medication while others will receive it later.


Immigration officers will be deployed to Japan to liaise with the relevant parties to ensure the Hong Kong residents obtain assistance.


Together with the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, Tokyo, the Immigration Department will look into the return arrangements of those Hong Kong residents after their quarantine is completed on February 19, to provide further assistance.


They will render suitable and practicable assistance according to the wishes of the Hong Kong residents.


Hong Kong residents travelling abroad who need assistance may call the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit’s 24-hour hotline at (852) 1868.