A pro-Beijing group is urging the Carrie Lam administration to follow the example of the French government and bring in a law banning face masks at protests.

The pro-Beijing group, Real Hongkongers’ View, said some people wearing masks are creating chaos during extradition bill protests and the government should take steps to stop them hiding their identities with masks.

They said protesters should be responsible for what they do during a demonstration. But violent action by masked groups is hijacking even peaceful protests.

Jason Lam, convenor of the group, said masked protesters are out of control.

“If they have the masks, they are not identifiable,” Lam said. “So if we have an anti-mask law, it would be good for everyone to enjoy their [right to] demonstrate in a peaceful way.”

The group of more than two dozen also handed a petition to a government official to press their demand.

France earlier this year passed a law banning the use of face masks after a series of yellow vest protests that often ended in violent clashes. Violators face one year in prison and a fine of up to 15,000 euros.