A large number of protesters gathered outside the Queen Elizabeth Stadium on Thursday where Chief executive Carrie Lam was holding a dialogue with randomly selected representatives from the public, chanting demands of the anti-extradition bill protesters.

The main chant of the crowd was “five demands ,not one less”, referring to the main demands of the protesters, including independent probe into police action and amnesty for frontliners.

At one point, some protesters also started shining flashlights and laser pens at an open window in the stadium complex from where police were filming the crowd below.

The crowd continued chanting and raised their palms, signifying the five demands.

Some political leaders were also among the crowd, including former lawmaker Leung Kwok-hung and Steven Kwok from Labour Party.

Leung said an article written by Lam and published in the New York Times on Thursday exposed the CE’s hypocrisy, and wanted her to step down from the post.