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The Hospital Authority today described the circumstances behind the latest patient confirmed with coronavirus, explaining the 54-year-old man did not show symptoms when he initially fell ill.


The authority’s Chief Manager (Patient Safety & Risk Management) Dr Sara Ho made the remarks while responding to enquiries during today’s press conference.


“For the newly diagnosed case, the patient first attended the Accident & Emergency Department on February 10. Upon presentation, the patient had fever and no travel history, no occupational history, no contact history with a confirmed case, nor any clustering features. We did a chest X-ray for the patient and the chest X-ray, at that time, was clear.


“So based on those criteria and that the patient was not classified as a reporting case, that is why at that time, a coronavirus test was not done.”


Dr Ho noted that the patient tested positive for coronavirus after his second hospital visit, during which a chest X-ray was conducted and revealed pneumonic changes.


“At that time we admitted the patient to our surveillance ward and then our medical staff, in full gear, took a sample from him. The sample test was under our enhanced surveillance programme.


“That means even though the patient didn’t fall under the reporting criteria, we extended an investigation on him. At that time, the investigation finding was positive and the patient was transferred to our isolation ward.”