The Hospital Authority has said public hospitals, with the need to ensure smooth operation and to provide a suitable environment for patient care, are not suitable places for public assemblies.


In a statement issued tonight, the authority said its healthcare staff have all along demonstrated professionalism in carrying out life-saving missions indiscriminately for all patients.


The authority added that it has always attached great importance to its staff’s professional conduct, with the belief that they would always comply with regulations and the law, and provide equitable services with dedication to all patients.


Noting that public hospitals are always crowded with people, especially fragile elderly and mobility-impaired patients, the authority said public assemblies are not suitable in public hospitals as they will affect patient transfer and safety, order and operation.


While the authority notes that members of staff and the public have different views on recent social events, it hopes that all would accord top priority to patients’ well-being, safeguarding a tranquil environment in public hospitals to enable healthcare staff to focus on patient care.


It also appealed for a tranquil hospital environment to be maintained, adding that it is unacceptable to use language likely to cause offence or annoyance, to behave indecently or in a disorderly manner, and make any noise which is a source of annoyance to patients, as these behaviours will affect the patients’ recuperation.


The authority believes that all staff have a duty to provide a safe, stable and quiet environment for patients. It appeals for the joint support of different stakeholders to ensure trusted and good carer-patient relations.


It also reminds staff members to abide by the law and be mindful of their personal safety when taking part in mass gathering activities, including those taking place in hospital premises.


Staff expressing views should also be aware of the perceptions of patients and their families, as well as relations with the patients.


The authority trusts that its staff will continue to uphold their professionalism and mutual respect to provide an equitable service regardless of patients’ identity and background, which is a universal value to be supported and safeguarded by all.


Regarding staff and citizens’ concerns about recent events concerning order in public hospitals, the authority will continue to communicate with Police through the existing platform.