Police say they cannot shed any light on an allegation that some protesters detained at the San UK Ling Holding Centre near the border have suffered suspicious injuries, as they are not sure exactly who the claim refers to.

A nurse at North District Hospital had told Now TV that she saw unusual injuries among protesters who had been taken to the centre on August 11, including one with a severely damaged arm, and others with fractured ribs and bruises all over their bodies.

The nurse said the patients claimed they were beaten up by officers.

Police had said that around 30 detainees arrested in Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui that night were sent to hospital from the holding centre, including six with bone fractures. But they had dismissed allegations that the protesters were beaten up.

Senior Superintendent Kong Wing-cheung said on Wednesday that the force did not know who the nurse was referring to exactly.

He added that some of the protesters’ injuries could have come from when they were placed in handcuffs.

“When we try to control an arrested person, they would usually put up great resistance. And, when we are trying to handcuff him or her, some of them would try to put up resistance, and not to cooperate with the handcuffing. So, our officer has to use reasonable force to control him and handcuff him,” he said.

The police said they had received two complaints regarding detentions at San Uk Ling, but neither of them were made by the detainees themselves.

Meanwhile, police also confirmed that a student reporter from City University was one of four people they arrested on Tuesday over the storming of Legco on July 1.

Senior Superintendent Steve Li said the reporter was arrested for going into the Legco chamber and on suspicion of criminal damage.

He said there is evidence to suggest that the student wasn’t just reporting on what was going on.

“He entered inside, not only entered and remained inside, he did something. He did something,” Li said.

“From all the video or all the CCTV, the things appear in the public channels, you can see what is the criminal damage done inside Legco. I don’t refer to this guy, but you see that some of them are doing some damage, some vandalism and some… all the things” he said.