Four magistrates are put on a two-week duty roster for the handling of urgent applications, including those for search warrants outside office hours on weekdays, during weekends and holidays, the Judiciary said today.


It was responding to media enquiries on the existing system in handling urgent applications outside the office hours of Magistrates’ Courts.


If law enforcement agencies need to make urgent applications outside office hours, they can contact one of the magistrates on duty, and in case that magistrate is not reachable, they can contact another duty magistrate, the Judiciary said.


All magistrates deal with such urgent applications strictly according to the law, it said, adding the magistrate’s decision in respect of an application for a search warrant is subject to judicial review.


If the applicant is not satisfied with the decision, the proper procedure is to take the matter forward through the established judicial system, it added.


The Judiciary said it is inappropriate to comment on individual cases.