Former chairman of Demosisto, Nathan Law, has urged all US senators to support the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, saying autonomy of the SAR is under serious threat.

Speaking at a congressional hearing in the US, he said Hong Kong’s rule of law, human rights and freedom are being eroded by the Chinese government.

“Our prosperity and dignity as a society are built on the success of the rule of law, the protection of human rights, and freedoms. Hong Kongers clearly understand that these values are extremely fragile and are being eroded by Beijing,” he told the committee.

Talking about the ongoing protest, the former lawmaker blamed the Hong Kong government for “hiding behind police”. Law said situation has got worse with people being attacked by armed mobs.

“Instead of alleviating the tension, the Hong Kong government has been hiding behind the police force. To make matters worse, thugs with ties to organised crime have also been involved with inciting violence against not just protesters but random passersby just as the police look away,” he said.

Law opened his remarks by saying how on September 26 five years ago the Umbrella movement started over Beijing’s political reform offer and occupied a key road in Hong Kong for over two months.

“I distinctly remember that on the last day of our occupation, fellow protesters hung a large banner proclaiming “We Will Be Back”,” he recalled. “We have made good on that promise.”