Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development Edward Yau today said Hong Kong will maintain its own integrity and safeguard the constitutional rights it enjoys under “one country, two systems”.


Mr Yau made the statement in response to media enquiries on the re-introduction of the Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act in the US.


He said according to the Basic Law, Hong Kong is allowed to be represented as an independent and separate member of the World Trade Organization.


“This is not any gift from any other countries, but a constitutional right granted by our country under ‘one country, two systems’.


“There is every reason for Hong Kong to safeguard our own autonomy in order to preserve our special status.


“There is nothing to do with any interventions or interference from other jurisdictions.


Mr Yau said different countries may have their own policies towards Hong Kong and have to consider their own interests.


“We will try to maintain our own integrity and safeguard the constitutional right that Hong Kong enjoys.”

He noted the Government is working within the confines of “one country, two systems” in handling recent difficulties, adding it will continue to double its efforts in presenting factual accounts to the international community.