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The Food & Health Bureau is inviting applications for prequalification for the operation of the Chinese Medicine Hospital in Tseung Kwan O.


During a press conference today, Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan said the hospital is the first and flagship Chinese medicine hospital in Hong Kong with three major functions.


“First, is really providing services. Second is to provide training for our local universities’ Bachelor of Chinese Medicine students. And third is to promote and also be a platform for promoting Chinese medicine research.”

Prof Chan added the hospital will be leading the development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong in various aspects, including the specialisation in Chinese medicine, and as a platform for clinical trials. 
“The Government is putting a lot of resources into not only building the hospital, but also into subsidising the services in the hospital, both inpatient services as well as outpatient services for our community.” 


The Chinese Medicine Hospital project adopts a public-private partnership model and is expected to commence service from end of 2024 in phases. 


The Government will inject capital investment for construction of the hospital and recurrent funding for delivery of subsidised hospital services, training and research as well as its sustainable development.


The service deed will cover arrangements for commissioning, a 10-year service period extendable by five years at most, followed by a six-year post service period. 
The Government intends to prequalify not more than four applicants as prequalified tenderers through the prequalification exercise.  


The prequalified tenderers will then be invited to join the tender exercise for the operation of the hospital in mid-2020.  


The application deadline is December 13. 


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