An Indonesian journalist who was hit in the eye by what is believed to be a bean bag round during protests on Hong Kong Island on Sunday will file a criminal complaint against the Commissioner of Police and the officer who fired the projectile.

Veby Indah, who is being represented by lawyer Michael Vidler, will also be filing civil proceedings to seek redress.

Vidler said the full extent of the damage to Veby’s right eye is not yet known, but substantial visual impairment remains a possibility.

He said the projectile was fired at a potentially lethal distance and at a low angle where the impact could only be on the upper body or head – a breach of manufacturer guidelines, any conceivable professional instruction and international norms.

He said responsibility for what happened lies with the Commissioner, who has “failed to control the increasingly reckless behaviour of some of his officers”, as well as the officer who fired at Veby.