The Fire Services Department officer did his best to provide accurate injury figures as soon as he had an update on the August 31 incident at MTR Prince Edward Station.


Fire Services Department Deputy Chief Ambulance Officer Tsang Man-ha made the statement during today’s press conference on the incident.


Ms Tsang said: “Regarding calculation of the number of patients, I think I have repeated previously that it is quite common that the number of patients has to be changed from time to time based on the change of different conditions of the patients or due to the difficulty of the scene while our officers are handling a case.”


The number of injured was revised from 10 to seven. Ms Tsang noted the officer was at the station conducting the headcount without any support from a backup crew.


“Also, he faced great difficulties like the situation was chaotic; there were a lot of people there, a lot of Police and other people; the arrested patients or arrested people were moving around, so these added to the difficulties he faced. I think our officer already did his best and tried to provide more accurate figures to update our control centre as soon as he had an update.”