Demosisto leader Joshua Wong has announced his intention to run in November’s district council elections.

Wong said he’s joining the race as the fight for democracy starts in the community, and he will attempt to run in the South Horizons West constituency in Southern District.

He said he still advocates self-determination, or letting Hong Kong people decide their own political status after 2047, even though this was the reason his fellow Demosisto member Agnes Chow was banned from running in a Legislative Council by-election in 2018.

Wong said if his candidacy is disqualified this time, it will only generate more opposition to the government, as running for office is the most moderate and rational way to express his political belief.

Wong is currently out on bail after being charged late last month with organising an illegal assembly near police headquarters in Wan Chai on June 21, as well as taking part in the protest and inciting others to do so.

Earlier this month Wong spoke before a US congressional hearing, calling for bipartisan support for the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which could result in Hong Kong losing its special trade status if the US deems that the SAR’s autonomy has been undermined.