The Civil Human Rights Front and a member of the public have applied to lodge judicial reviews against the police over events on June 12, when police have been accused of using excessive force.

The Civil Human Rights Front said on Thursday that it’s applied to lodge a judicial review against the police’s decision to fire tear gas at protesters during an anti-extradition rally in Admiralty on June 12.

In a writ, the front said the firing of tear gas sent demonstrators outside Citic Tower into a frenzy and heightened the risk of a stampede.

It wants the court to rule that the force’s action was unlawful and unconstitutional because it placed unreasonable restrictions to the right to lawful assembly.

It added that the police move breached the Hong Kong Bill of Rights, which said people should be free from free from torture or degrading treatment.

Separately, a secondary school teacher, Yeung Tsz-chun, sought to challenge the police special tactical squad officers’ failure to display identification numbers on their uniforms during clearance operations on June 12.

In his writ, Yeung said there’s widespread concern that the police used unnecessary and excessive force.

He said he was injured by rubber bullets, but the absence of ID numbers meant he couldn’t identify the officers responsible.