Accountancy sector lawmaker Kenneth Leung has added his voice to calls for an independent commission of enquiry into allegations that police have abused their power in handling the anti-government protests.

Speaking on RTHK’s Letter to Hong Kong, Leung cited an Amnesty International report earlier this month which claimed to have uncovered a pattern of reckless and unlawful tactics by police.

“We need an independent inquiry commission to be set up to assist the long-term reform of the force to defuse the current situation, and to enable all side to move forward,” he said.

“This is undoubtedly the experience from many jurisdictions which have gone through similar political and social turmoil. A police force with over 150 years of history, needs only a few reckless moves, bad management decisions and irresponsible comments from the top brass to destroy it.

“The government needs to address the concerns of the public without any procrastination.”

He also said the San Uk Ling holding Centre – which police say they have now stopped using – was a “gulag” for torture.

Leung called for a complete overhaul of the Independent Police Complaints Council, and urged all officers to display their identification numbers when on duty.