The MTR Corporation suspended services on both the Tsing Yi and Kowloon Stations of its Tung Chung line on Sunday evening, explaining only that some ‘incidents’ had occurred there.

There had been a brief stand-off between some people at Tsing Yi station and police, with some verbally abusing officers and shining laser pointers at them.

Some people also set off fire extinguishers inside the station, but no clashes were reported.

There was even less of a commotion at Kowloon station. Several metal barriers, rubbish bins and signs were seen to be heaped in a small pile on the floor at one of the station’s exits to the luxury Elements mall.

Police had at one point unfurled a flag warning people that they were taking part in an illegal assembly. Most dispersed after a short while.

A resident in the area told RTHK he found it ‘disturbing’ that some protesters had apparently tried to block an MTR exit and sprayed some graffiti there.

“They’re trying to disrupt the economy, from what I’m hearing, so they can convince the government to do something. I haven’t personally been affected but I think both sides are in the wrong”, he said.

Many shops in the mall have pulled down their shutters, but there are still many people walking around as usual.

Last updated: 2019-09-22 HKT 19:35