Kwai Fong station became the fourth MTR station to be closed on Sunday in a matter of hours after some facilities there were damaged by vandals.

Some spray painted ticket machines, and some screens were smashed up by a small number of protesters as police maintained a heavy presence in the area.

Many people – some wearing the black shirts associated with the anti-extradition movement – milled around outside by a nearby mall. However, police did not take any immediate action to try to disperse them.

Before the station was closed, some officers stopped a couple of men outside the station to check their ID cards. This prompted some people nearby to shout abuse at the officers, but the confrontation did not escalate from there.

Earlier, facilities at Sha Tin station were also damaged, while there were brief stand offs between protesters and police at the Tsing Yi and Kowloon Stations. The MTR Corporation then suspended services to all three stations.