The Labour Party says four masked men attacked community organiser Stanley Ho at a Sai Kung park on Sunday, breaking both his hands in the process.

Ho also suffered head injuries and needed stitches after the men beat him with rods, the party said, adding that this was clearly a planned attack against those who hold different political views.

Ho later said in a post on his social media account that he will have to undergo surgery later, and called on any witnesses to come forward.

The party condemned the assault, describing it as a form of ‘white terror.’

Ho is the latest in a a series of pro-democracy and localist figures who have been attacked over the past six weeks – some of whom had organised anti-extradition rallies.

They include Ronald Leung, Max Chung, Jimmy Sham, lawmaker Roy Kwong, Chan Ho-tin, Isaac Cheng, as well as a female Apple Daily journalist who has been covering the protests.

Ho made a name for himself for organising a dock worker strike back in 2013, and recently lost in a rural committee election.