New People’s Party legislator Eunice Yung has bemoaned the divided state of Hong Kong and the damage that the anti-government protests were causing.

Speaking on RTHK’s Letter to Hong Kong, Yung said even family relationships had been affected.

“I have heard of so many parents arguing with their children and siblings stopping speaking to each other because of their different political views. This division is a heartbreaking and depressing phenomenon, which no one should experience,” she said.

Yung also hit out at the so-called “doxxing” of police officers, where their details are posted online, saying it can lead to the bullying of children.

“Children will be singled out and subject to harassment and bullying at school only because of their parents’ occupation,” she said. “Cyber-bullying and harassment at school is detrimental to the growth of children in that they will suffer lower self-esteem.”

As a way of dealing with the unrest, Yung called on the the government to address the problem of high property prices

“First, it must correct the overheated housing market by thorough reform of the land market so as to prevent the transfer undeserved windfall gains to property speculators at the expense of home users,” she said.

Yung also said public investment should in future be geared more towards the young and there should be a platform for young people to voice their concerns.