The Immigration Department estimates about 5.94 million travellers will pass through Hong Kong’s boundary control points during the Lunar New Year holiday.


Among them, 4.42 million passengers are expected to pass through land boundary control points.


Outbound passengers using these control points will be relatively higher on January 26, with 367,000 people expected, and the number of inbound passengers using these control points will peak on January 28 and reach 451,000.


Lo Wu Control Point will see an estimated 1.38 million passengers, or a daily average of 196,000, passing through.


The daily average passenger forecasts for the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line and Shenzhen Bay control points are 106,000 and 98,000.


The department, Police, Customs and the Mass Transit Railway Corporation will set up a joint command centre at Lo Wu Control Point to ensure smooth passenger traffic flow.