Anti-extradition protesters have begun targeting mainland shops, or business known to have criticised the anti-extradition movement, at a shopping mall in Sha Tin.

Footage from New Town Plaza, where at least a thousand protesters have gathered, showed some protesters holding a list of shops to be targeted. Stickers were placed on their store-fronts or inside.

A Huawei, a Best Mart 360, and a mainland tea shop chain pulled down their shutters.

Protesters also appeared to be targeting food and beverage outlets operated by the Maxim group; such as Starbucks, Simply Life, Jade Garden and Peking Garden.

They pushed buttons hundreds of times to print out seat reservations then stuck them on a nearby wall.

Earlier this month, the People’s Daily reportedly praised Annie Wu Suk-ching, the daughter of the Maxim’s founder, after she criticised the unrest caused by the anti-extradition protesters. Beijing had previously reportedly criticised a rival mooncake maker, Taipan, after the founder’s son, Garic Kwok, apparently backed the protesters on Facebook.

Later the protesters trampled on a national flag at the mall, before leaving and throwing it into the Shing Mun river.

A man was also beaten, after saying something to the protesters.

Parts of Sha Tin MTR station were also vandalised, leading to the closure of the station in the afternoon.

Last updated: 2019-09-22 HKT 17:05