The number of residents rose by 73,100.

Hong Kong’s population inched up 1% YoY in H1 to 7.52 million compared to 7.45 million in the first half of 2018, according to data from the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD).

In total, the island-city’s total population increased by 73,100 individuals from mid-2018 to mid-2019.

During this period a 5,700 natural increase in population was recorded with 53,300 births and 47,600 deaths. C&SD also noted a net movement of 67,400 persons, of which 44,400 were one-way permit holders and 23,000 were net inflow of other Hong Kong residents.

Amongst the total population, more than 7.31 million people were usual residents whilst 214,00 were classified as mobile residents. “Usual residents” refer to permanent residents who have stayed in Hong Kong for at least three to six months before or after the reference timepoint regardless of whether they are in Hong Kong or not at the reference timepoint, as well as permanent residents who are in Hong Kong during the reference timepoint. Residents who do not meet these criteria are classified under “mobile residents.”

C&SD released the revised figure for 2018’s year-end population at 7.486 million, of which 7.257 million were usual residents and 228,500 mobile residents. The population growth rate from end-2017 to end-2018 was also revised to 1% YoY.