Veteran pollster Robert Chung on Thursday warned that young people are increasingly accepting violence as part of the anti-government campaign as they feel peaceful protests are useless, and he called on the government to move quickly to reveal its plans to solve the crisis.

The Hong Kong Public Opinion Research Institute, headed by Chung, recently invited 100 youngsters to an in-depth discussion.

The group felt that peaceful demonstrations had failed to persuade the government to listen to their demands, and said violence is acceptable as long as innocent people are not hurt.

Chung said last the couple of days have seen no violence and the government should quickly use this window of opportunity.

“We see activities like human chains, singing songs in shopping arcades … that are relatively rational and peaceful,” said Chung. There will be some mass activities during the Mid-Autumn Festival, but most of them are expected to be peaceful, he said.

So this is a good window for the government to tell the people how it is going to start up its proposed dialogue platform and when it is going to do it, the pollster said.

Chung added that the attendees at the discussion also had strong views about having an independent probe into the extradition bill saga. On a scale of zero to ten, the average score of attendees backing the need for an independent commission of inquiry into police actions was nine.