Democratic Party Lawmaker Andrew Wan, who is a member of Legco’s Transport panel, said on Thursday that he’s disappointed that the MTR won’t be providing overnight train services for Friday’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

The rail operator said it had decided to stop its years-long practice after a risk assessment “in light of the recent situation”.

Some MTR stations have been vandalised by radical protesters while police have entered stations and trains on different occasions to arrest suspects, leading to some violent clashes.

But Wan accused the MTR of making a political decision and forgetting the fact that its aim should be to serve the public.

“The MTR Corporation should remind themselves they are the Mass Transit Railway company. Their main purpose should be conveying and transporting all the passengers peacefully to their destinations. But not to get involved in political decisions.” he said.

The lawmaker said he is extremely disappointed with the decision. “To me, this is very sad. You know, that is very upsetting to Hong Kong people,” said Wan.

The MTR Corporation had said all stations will be closed at normal times on Friday, but train frequencies will be stepped up from 3pm to cope with the increased flow of passengers.