Protesters blocked a part of Nathan Road on Saturday night as anti-extradition bill campaigners returned to MTR Prince Edward Station to pray for the victims of a police action there on August 31.

Officers soon cleared Nathan Road and detained some suspects. One arrested man requested the officers to lend him their shield to cover his face, but this was refused by the police.

Later when the man tried to call out his personal information, a police officer covered his mouth with his hand.

Police had been at the receiving end after a pro-Beijing man arrested in North Point last week for threatening people with a cleaver was handed over a shield to cover his face as he was led away. Officers later justified this saying it was appropriate use of the shield.

Meanwhile outside the Prince Edward Station protesters continued to place flowers and offered prayer. A group of riot police officers were stationed nearby.

Authorities have time and again removed the makeshift shrines made by people who believe there were fatalities during police operation at the station on August 31.

Police had cleared all the media from the platforms after officers stormed into train carriages to arrest suspected protesters on that day. With authorities giving different versions of events and media absent from the scene, rumours began to spread.

The authorities have denied any deaths, but scepticism remains.