Police have banned a planned rally by the Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF) on National Day next Tuesday, citing the threat of violence.

Both the march, and rallies at both the proposed start and end points were ruled out.

The group had proposed a march from Victoria Park to Chater Road in Central, but police on Friday sent a letter to the organiser, noting that the rally is in close proximity to ‘high-risk’ facilities like government headquarters or MTR stations, where violent clashes are likely.

The force said they have reason to believe that some of the participants would stray from the set route and target these ‘high-risk’ facilities, posing a threat to public safety.

The CHRF criticised the police decision, saying the ban itself will endanger public safety, and that it will lodge an appeal.

The group said past experience shows that people will ignore police bans and go out onto the streets anyway. It said if the force really prioritises public safety, it will go ahead and let the front organise the rally as planned.