The Airport Authority stepped up security checks at Chek Lap Kok on Wednesday, restricting access to the departure and arrival halls with new checkpoints.

New crowd control measures were seen at the the area where people taking buses get off, and some were put up near the Airport Express platforms. People going into the airport had to show their travel documents to proceed further.

But this led to some initial confusion as some people who had come to see off passengers were stopped from going in.

One security officer told an RTHK reporter that people coming to receive visitors are allowed to enter the arrivals hall, but an airport staff then said no one was allowed in.

Later, airport staff clarified that people who can give the flight number and carrier of their relative’s flight would be allowed in, but others will have to be stopped because of a court injunction.

The Airport Authority had successfully applied for a temporary injunction order, banning anyone from illegally or intentionally disrupting the normal usage of the airport.

At one point, a row broke out between airport staff and a lady who said they shouldn’t be banned as they weren’t there to protest but to see relatives and friends off.

Witnesses said they did see some security officers letting some people go in to see passengers off. Some officials said they started barring all people from entering the arrivals hall from around 4pm.

The authority is advising non-passengers not to come to the airport.