The Communist Party’s official newspaper, the People’s Daily, has named and shamed Hong Kong teachers it claims are spreading hatred against the police and violating their professional ethics.

In an article published on the front page of its overseas edition on Wednesday, the paper named two teachers and their schools, alleging the staff members had cursed police officers and their relatives.

It also said another teacher had told his students that they should be ashamed of their parents if they were police officers.

The article said radical teachers are using students as “political bargaining chips and sacrifices”, by allowing children to bully classmates whose parents are police officers, and encouraging class boycotts as part of anti-extradition protests.

It also singled out the pro-democracy Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union, saying it is an accomplice in “anti-China” and “anti-government” movements.

The article said some teachers are planting their own “radical” political ideas in the minds of students who “lack the ability to judge independently”, and are trying to arrange large-scale class boycotts to prolong “protests and unrest” that it said are no longer supported by the people and have thus lost their momentum.

The article said irresponsible teachers, the lack of proper national education, and a misleading liberal studies curriculum are poisoning young people – who became tools of those who want chaos in Hong Kong.

The paper said teachers “with no ethics” should be sacked, and those who break the law should be punished. “After the storm”, the problems with liberal studies and national education should be rectified, it said.

The SAR government’s attempt to introduce national education to schools was shelved in 2012 following mass protests. And, some pro-government figures, including former Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa, have blamed liberal studies for turning students into radical protesters.