Police today said officers should only use their equipment and weapons for work purposes, after an online video showing an officer playing with a baton was widely circulated.


Police Public Relations Branch Senior Superintendent Kong Wing-cheung told reporters that the force has looked into the video and confirmed that it was recorded in February 2018, and the man in the video was an officer deployed to armoury duty.


Police also made it clear the video was not related to the recent decision to distribute batons to off-duty officers.


“We have to admit that the conduct recorded in this video is not appropriate. The corresponding police district has been looking into the issue and will also see whether anybody should be held accountable.”


Mr Kong reiterated that police officers, whether they are on duty or not, must take seriously the use of their equipment and weapons.


“We will only use our equipment and weapons for work purposes. Our officers have to justify any use of these weapons and should be held accountable for any consequences.”