The police have rejected Amnesty International’s claims that the force had been deploying reckless and unlawful tactics when officers arrested people in anti-extradition protests over the past three months.

The human rights group had issued findings from its investigation overnight, saying it had found evidence of reckless and indiscriminate tactics used by police, including allegations of arbitrary arrests, brutal beatings and ill-treatment of people who have been detained.

But in response, the police rejected this and said they have always respected the dignity, rights and privacy of those in custody.

They said officers would send detainees to public hospitals if they wish to get treatment; and that they would be allowed to communicate with others and seek legal help if that doesn’t hinder their investigation and judicial procedures.

In the statement, they said there are strict regulations over the use of force, and the officers must be using the minimum level of force in operations to achieve their purpose.

The police said they won’t comment on individual cases and said detainees who’re unhappy with actions of any officer can file a complaint under the existing mechanism.